Waiting for the Dum-Dum Sucker

I’ve been debating on which direction to go with this post… do I write about the dum-dum suckers, or this morning when I stuck my finger in the pull up to look for poop, and actually stuck my finger IN the poop, or do I write about the pop-up tents, or the bitter sweet moments that our lives are surrounded with right now? It’s a toss up. Maybe a little of both.


Joy, our oldest turned three a few weeks ago, and I can’t even wrap my head around how fast they grow up. It’s out of control, literally. They change, and with each new step, I change.

Let’s go to the dum-dum suckers – my girls love to leave their class in the afternoons, not because they love me, but because they love Ms. Betty. Everyone needs a Ms. Betty.  One day I told Ms. Betty that Joy was having a little bit of trouble in class and Ms. Betty said she would go talk to her. Talk to her = dum-dum sucker. So, yes, we all need a Ms. Betty.  When we leave class, my girls race, literally run, to her office. They don’t care who is in the hallway or what doors are closed, they are legit excited and on a mission. When we get to Ms. Betty’s office she welcomes them by asking about their day and how they are, but they are ONE track minded. “Guck,” as Selah says. Ignoring every question. So, Ms. Betty reaches for the sucker bowl and lets them pick out what they want, helps them unwrap one and then, finally, they can answer her about their day, even say thank-you and maybe give a fist-bump or a hug.  It’s precious, really. They are expectant! They are excited!

The girls don’t just get one sucker, they get two. One for the car and one for the basketball gym (thank God it’s not basketball season, so one goes in the candy dish for a later date).  They know the drill. When we get in the car they eat one and hold the other. I find it so funny that almost every day, Selah, the youngest, she is trying so hard NOT to unwrap the other one that it comes unwrapped —- on it’s own! She hands it to me to wrap back up so she can save it for later. We can’t put them away, she just has to hold it til we get home, then we can put it up.

What gets me is that she has this tempting piece of candy, yet she knows that she has to wait. Not because she really knows why, but because that’s what I’ve taught her to do. I’ve taught her to wait, to save it for later. I don’t want her to eat all that candy at once. I don’t want sucker in her teeth, or sticky all over my car. It just makes sense, right?

Flip the tables… how many times has God put something so close to us and made us wait. That’s right, wait! He’s a good God, right? He knows what we need and what our hearts desire.  He is patient and loving with us. Think about it – God has placed in front of you something that you really desire and then said, but just wait. Wait for me. Wait for the timing. Wait for all the pieces to fall into place. We aren’t good at waiting, at least I’m not. Not as good as my almost two year old. Sometimes I act like her with the sucker and I start to unwrap it and hand it back to God quickly, like I have no idea what’s just happened! I’m a mess!

But, just like the girls, they know if they wait, there will be a time when they can have these suckers. We have suckers on every trip, in every bag, at every event. These are their suckers. Not mine, or any ones. I have saved these for them because I know the sheer delight that it brings them when they receive them.

Think about that…. God asks us to wait for a promise, for a mate, for a job, for a financial blessing, for a position at church, for whatever it is, God has asked us to wait for some reason. And He is GOOD – that’s His nature. He wants to give it to you when you’re least expecting, or when you’ve passed the last test, or when you’re in need. He wants us to be patient and trust His will for our lives.

So, next time you see a dum-dum sucker, I hope you’ll think about what God is going to give you – what He has stored up for you. There’s blessing in the waiting!




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